Pentagon denies Somalia ‘s scaling back

The United States Department of Defense denies the U.S. media report is planning to reduce Somalia’s operations. Pentagon spokeswoman Navy Commander Candice Tresch told VOA Friday: ” No recent policy changes have been made in the United States. Somalia operations. We continue to support the efforts of the Federal Government of Somalia to degrade al-Shabab. ” is planning to scale back its Somalia operations because the U.S. Air strikes have ” taken out ” a number of senior members of the militant group. The Pentagon says ” the United States In 2018, 47 precision airstrikes were carried out against al-Shabab activists. In 2017, the United States 35 air strikes were carried out and 15 air strikes were carried out in 2016. The first US air strike in 2019 took place in Jan. 2 to reduce the freedom of movement of al-Shabab and to increase the pressure on the terrorist network in the area. ” Military officials say that from August 2018 there are from 3,000 to 7,000 al-Shabab fighters and from 70 to 250 ISIS-Somalia fighters in Somalia. There are approximately 500 USA Defense Department personnel in Somalia. VOA VOA