Iraqi legislators criticize the visit of Trump as a blow to the sovereignty of Iraq

Iraqi political and militia leaders condemned yesterday’s secret visit to US forces in iraq by US President Donald Trump as a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, and lawmakers said that a meeting between Trump and Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi was canceled due to a local disagreement. Sabah Al Saadi, leader of the Islah parliamentary bloc, called for an emergency parliamentary session ” to discuss this blatant violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and to stop Trump’s aggressive actions, which should know its limits: the US occupation of Iraq is over. ” Trump’s trip to Iraq was also objected to by the Bina bloc, Islah ‘s rival in parliament. The visit of Trump is a flagrant and clear violation of diplomatic norms and demonstrates his disdain and hostility in dealing with the Iraqi government, Bina said. In a statement the Prime Minister’s office said that the US authorities had informed Iraq’s leadership in advance of the President ‘s visit. The statement said that the Iraqi Prime Minister and US President spoke by telephone because of a ” disagreement about how to conduct the meeting. ” Iraqi legislators told Reuters that the pair disagreed about where their planned meeting was to take place: Trump had asked to meet at the Ain Al Asad military base, an offer that Abdul Mahdi refused. Falih Khazali, a former militia leader who became an ally of Bina, accused the United States of increasing its presence in Iraq. ” The American leadership in Iraq has been defeated and wants to return under any pretext, and we will never allow that to happen, ” he said. Bina said that Trump’s visit ” sets many questions about the nature of the US military presence and its real goals, and what these goals could be for Iraq’s security. ” Trump made his first trip to a conflict zone almost two years after his presidency arrived in Iraq yesterday with Melania Trump, the first lady, and spoke to the Ain Al Asad military base.